Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Vintage yard sale stash plus a WTH item

Well I mentioned the yard sale that consoled me from my auction loss. I almost didn't stop, as it did not look at all promising, plus it was about 4:00 so I imagined there wasn't much left. But stop I did. Everything was nicely arranged on a few tables and you would think her prices would be high, BUT the yard sale gods were kind and she was dirt cheap. She said she was cleaning out her cluttered house and had a lot of her late mom's stuff to dispose of. She had inherited a lot and was parting with the stuff that she was not attached to.

I cleaned her out of linens and took a huge chunk of her costume jewelry. I have never been into jewelry but these were grand.

I think these are all cocktail napkins, but maybe they are hankies. How does one tell the difference? I do know they are divine and appear unused! I did read that cocktail napkins often have roosters on em, as folks found it quite witty to have "cock" tail napkins. Am I the only immature one who smirks at that?

The rooster napkins are a set of 6 I think, I paid 50 cents.

The cherry napkins said set of six, but once I got them home realized there were 8, and also got em for 50 cents. They are so thin and delicate. The cross stitch napkin set was, yep you guessed it...50 cents. It's a very thin material, but stiffer.

The lacy one is a pillow cover. Isn't the color nifty?

I got a set of these three doilies too and a couple of embroidered ornaments and a few doilies that were 25 cents each.

I saw these two lil figurines at the center of the table and when I looked at em, she explained that they were pie funnels or pie birds. She explained that they provide ventilation whilst baking a pie. I used to bake a great deal and though I had never heard of them, I had to have em. These were made in England. I've now realized they were quite a steal at 50 cents each :)

Then I saw yet another silverplate tray to add to my collection :) Can you ever have enough of these? You can still see the price on this beauty. Cheaper than my local thrifts where they are asking between 4 and 10 generally.

Then I spotted my favorite of all thrifty stuff that day...the vintage though unfinished child's Christmas apron. It was the brightest happiest thing I'd seen all day. I needed some Christmas cheer. I don't care that it's February. I swear this would have made the yard sale rock even without all the other niftyness. Plus it too was 50 cents, see a pattern yet? :)

check out the tushy :)

Then I was on to the jewelry. She had her jewelry marked at 50 cents a set. 50 cents is such a fabulous price isn't it? Here are the ones I picked out :) Pretty aren't they? I assure you the picture does not do the pieces justice! The green stone ones on the bottom left are Trifari. There is also a Vendome set on the top row. I LOVE the sterling mongrammed ones. Can't make out the letters well, but who cares. I never saw a monogram I didn't love. These were almost all in perfect condition.

This set was just delicious in all her lavender glory. They are unmarked. I think they look like fireflies.

This brooch is the only one with damage, but she was beautiful and couldn't resist her. It's missing a couple rhinestones and the bottom piece is attached with a string. The back is marked Hollycraft copr 1957.

Wouldn't you agree that this was a fantastic little yard sale? Oh I picked up two unbuilt car models for Mr. Nifty too, they were a whopping $3 each but they were from the 50's and would look great in his collection. Those models meant I wouldn't get a lecture about bringing home more stuff. :) or as he calls it: junk.

I would have taken a picture of them, BUT they were quickly taken to the Mr. Nifty's lair, the garage.

Now on to my WTH mystery find at the yard sale. These were 50 cents each and I bought both. They are round as you can see and they sorta look like a sand dollar because of the little loops in the center. Those are loops not embroidery. They have very delicate ric rack edges, and they have what look like pockets or dividers that go all the way around. What could this possibly be used for? Any ideas??????? The yard sale lady said they were doilies, but I really doubt that. Why would they be so complex then? They seem utilitarian more than decorative. Input would be most appreciated as this is making me nuts not knowing. I have a habit of researching everything that comes home with me and this is my newest mystery. anyone care to tell me WTH it is?

Today, I have joined up with:
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And in the same vein I joined Leigh's party at Tales from Bloggeritaville for Thrifty Thursday.

There are fantastic things to see at both. I have included their buttons below and in my sidebar. I love seeing everyone's treasures. Please go and enjoy the finds at Vintage Thingies Thursdays.

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  1. You hit the jackpot with that yard sale! The vintage linens are fabulous!!!!

    I have never seen an elephant pie funnel. Being a University of Alabama fan I would have snapped that up right away too! Big Al is an elephant you know :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. What luck that you decided to stop at that sale! You made amazing buys! As for the mystery item I believe it's a bun warmer...not a bum warmer! You would put it in a basket and stuff the pockets with warm buns! Happy VTT!

  3. You scored big time! I love yard sales like this, especially linens and jewelry. I would have cleaned her out too. Those pie birds are a rare find. My grandmother had several and when she passed I have no idea where they got to. Just a fyi, a few weekends ago at an antique store I saw a "twin" to your black bird pie bird, marked...$32.50! Yep, that's right!

    oh, btw, Vonlipi is correct, the mystery item is a bun warmer or biscuit warmer, my grandmother had a couple of these as well.

    It's been wonderful visiting your blog, thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh wow! I don't know what to say except I'm more than jealous of you :) Fabulous...simply wonderful, terrific and spectacular and that doesnt even cover it!

    happy vtt!

  5. Wow, you really scored. I'm a sucker for linens & jewelry. The cherry napkins are so cute!

  6. A fine collection of vintage linens and costume jewelry. The prices were right too. Awesome find!

  7. Very nice stuff you've found. I remember when I was in elementary one of our projects in Home Economics is to make table napkins, and the napkins that you've found brought a lot of memories. Wish I keep mine. Thanks for sharing!

    VTT-Old Photo Album

  8. Yep, bun warmer. You came home with a lot of wonderful things!

  9. great finds!! makes me yearn for real garage sale season! i only dream of finding a pie bird! and such great prices on the jewelry!!

    i have no experience with linens..but i immediately thought the mystery one had something to do with buns. i think i've seen one in use at a restaurant or something!

    glad to have found your blog!

  10. Such nice finds. I love the linens and I have to say you hit the jackpot with the pie birds!! I did a post on my blog regarding these back around Thanksgiving.


  11. Love, love, love your pie birds! Terrific finds!

  12. I'd say you got your consolation prizes. lol

  13. That was one great garage sale. Love the bird cake covers, never heard of that.
    Great linens.
    Tin and sparkle

  14. Yard sale season is still a few months away here.

  15. OOOO....Can't wait for a good yard sale!! Nice finds!!

  16. Enjoyed your post today. I was going to guess 'biscuit warmer', but others beat me to it!

  17. Was just thinking today that I'll be glad when the yard/garage/estate sales start again. Hopefully next month will be warmer. The WTH is for sure a bun warmer...but who does that anymore...what a nice little pocket each would bake for your jewelry finds and maybe a string of pearls all in a pretty basket. Love the linens and I've used those cocktail...smirk smirk...as pocket toppers on aprons. Enjoyed your estate sale almost as much as you...thanks for getting me in the mood....Sue

  18. What a lucky stop! Great finds-love the cocktail napkins and the jewelry is very pretty!

  19. You got some great deals. I would have bought the jewelry also.

  20. Wow, what great deals you found! Love the pie birds. Can't beleive no one bought them, and the jewelry. Yup, that's a bun/biscuit holder. Cute!


  21. yes, it's a bun warmer/holder - my mother still has some she uses! what a lovely collection of things you've found!

  22. I am so jealous! I can't wait until yard sales start here. The handkerchiefs are beautiful.

  23. Well, I think I have said "you have to be kidding me" at least 50 times as I read this...what an amazing find....oh, the linens are divine and the jewelry is too, you hit the jackpot that day! I wish I knew about the mystery item, but I do not. Thanks for linking in today, Happy VTT!

  24. What a fantastic sale you found.. I'm not sure if I could possibly chooses a favorite.. everything is just perfect. Happy VTT..have a lovely weekend..

  25. That mystery item is for dinner rolls. Each roll gets its own little pocket. My mother in law used to use those.

  26. Lucky, lucky you! I love the cherries on that linen, and the jewelry is to die for!

    And I would call your mystery find a bread basket, but agree that the cloth is for rolls. My auntie had one of those!

  27. LOVE those vinatge finds. LOVE the tushy! Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday this week!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  28. Beautiful finds! It is so good to see that all those vintage linens find a happy new owner.

  29. You got better treasure at the yard sale than you would have gotten at the auction! I read about your first auction. When I first started going, I had to have my friend bid for me. But watch out because they are addicting. And estate sales! My tip is to go on the last day because they are more likely to reduce the price.

  30. I want to go to that garage sale! Seriously great stuff! You must be thrilled.

  31. Love your treasures...especially the tray!


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