Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thrifty treasures that live in my daughter's room

Well, I've always had a dilemma about some of my finds. I like everything and am drawn to the rusty industrial as well as the feminine. This sometimes creates a lil issue with Mr. Nifty who doesn't want the house covered in pink spaghetti trimmed figurines. solution is, when something is deemed too girlie or I can't find just the right fit elsewhere I simply go off and decorate my daughter's room. Having a 5 year old daughter is fantastic for decorating. She likes what I like and she voices no concerns about "our" newest treasures. I keep anything fragile on shelves out of her reach, so I needn't worry about her breaking something I love...oops I mean hurting herself.

She loves boxes of any sort, and I have to watch out because she fills them with the strangest things: rocks, dirt, acorns, stickers, etc.

Here are some of the niftiest recent thrifting finds that ended up in there :)

She had been wanting another jewelry box and I lurved this one when I found it at the Habitat store, the music box still worked :) It's all grungy and girlie all in one, just like my lil one :)

On the same trip I spied this lil box (about 5") hiding among a pile of modern cookie and popcorn tins.

That ribbon was calling my name. I put it among my things to pay for.
(Ever feel you have to hide a particular treasure among your purchases, certain that if they really pay attention to what you are buying they'll realize what a steal it is? Am I the only paranoid one?)

Turns out Richard Hudnut was the first important American perfumer or something like that. Some of his perfume bottles and even boxes are highly collectible. This one is made just like a tiny oval hatbox. I can't find this box anywhere, so I don't know how old it is, but it's so pretty :) Just look at that bow and pink satin lining. Wish I knew what 3oz toiletry it housed.

Same store, found this made in West Germany music jewelry box. Top is silver plate and the bottom lead crystal. ( I only know this because I found an auction page where they sold the same one and described her, they said she was from the 50's too :)
I paid 50 cents for her.

This is probably why she was 50 cents...she looks like got punched in the face a few times, plus her silver plate is rubbed off. The artistry fell a lil short in the face design, especially compared to the rest of the box and WTH is up with the disco ball ?

Then there is the wall decor in my lil one's room... A batch of vintage plastic pictures in their very elegant plastic frames :)

The next one is a nice large one that originally held a picture of a baby in it. I eyed it at Goodwill for a couple days before buying it. The antique photo of the baby inside (sorry not pictured) is adorable, but when I opened up the frame looking for any names on the back of the baby, I instead found this lovely ink sketch copy someone named Emma did of the famous Gibson Girl picture. My daughter chose that one to display in her room. So now Emma's pretty drawing is no longer hidden behind the mystery baby and my lil one enjoys looking at her.

Lastly is a recent and expensive to me find. By expensive I mean I paid 5.00 for a book that is literally falling apart. I couldn't resist buying it. It's a book by Tennyson from 1898 titled Violets. It was given in much the same way we give greeting cards today. This one was personalized, but I can't understand the handwriting.

It has a short poem for every day of the month and every single page has illustrated violets. Why could I not resist this pretty lil book? My daughter's name is Violet. She is named after my beloved late Grandma who had the Spanish version of the name: Violeta. It's a delightful lil book and even more special to me because it is so fragile.

I guess that's it for today.

Today I am joining up with the Suzanne aka Coloradolady for Vintage Thingies Thursdays and also with Leigh aka Tales from Bloggeritaville for Thrifty Thursday. I'd like to thank them both for hosting such lovely parties!!! Their buttons are on my sidebar too.

Please go see all the wonderful thrifty vintage finds at both parties.
-brightest blessings-


  1. The ink sketch was a lucky find and is my favorite.

  2. What delightful finds. You have so much fun shopping for your daughter!

  3. Your GW and thrift finds are so priceless. I love jewelry boxes-they are so pretty. I'm afraid I'd have to put in on my dresser. I also collect vintage books, love the book about Violets. Isn't it wonderful that's your little girls name. LOVE IT

  4. What wonderful finds you have. The sketch is fantastic and I love that your little girl has such wonderful taste and wants that one in her room. Thanks For sharing. I will return

  5. What gorgeous treasures! Love that your found a book that honors your daughter's name- so pretty!

  6. I love all of your finds! I am the exact same about being afraid that they will discover an item is really worth more than it is priced! Doesn't it just make your day though when you are driving home with your treasures!
    I also use my daughter's room for our more girly treasures! Maddie is now 13 and loves to go thrifting! Thanks for sharing! I had so much fun reading your post! Going to start following along :)

  7. Wow - did you find some great stuff! I'm envious! I laughed when I read that you use your daughter's room for your stash.

    P.S. I know Richard Hudnut compacts are collectible.

  8. Hi Karina,

    I love all things pink and girly too, but I also love antiques. You got some great finds there. yes, isn't it great we can decorate our daughter's rooms the way we like it, that is until they grow older. lol!


  9. I love the ink sketch...but all of these are great finds. The only problem I have at these places is people want what is in my makes me so mad sometimes! Have a great VTT!

  10. You're so lucky to be able to share your finds with your girl!

    She'll make a thrifter for sure....It's genetic!

  11. What wonderful treasures! You should expand that cute stuff into the bathroom... then down the hall... then the whole house. Thats what I did lol

  12. wow...those are some wonderful finds in her room!!!! Lucky girl! I have enjoyed my visit to your blog...and I love your blog dress!!!

  13. How fun that your daughter already shares this vintage love. You got some great deals

  14. Just discovered your blog, and I love all of these finds - especially the Gibson Girl and the antique book!


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